Our Story

We are Mark and Tia Collins, the proud owners of clothedright.com! We have always loved fashion! We started clothedright.com not only because we are fashion lovers but we wanted women to be fashionable without spending a lot of time getting dressed. Women everywhere have lives that are busy with family, work, businesses ,etc. With all that is going on, we understand that women don't have a lot of time to spend thinking about what to wear! Getting dressed shouldn't be cumbersome! Along the way, we have met so many woman who love how our clothes makes getting dressed easy and effortless. Well here at clothedright.com, women can be effortlessly cute with our fashions and they can do it without breaking the bank!

Our mission at clothedright.com is to empower women to be confident in wearing clothing that is fashion forward. Clothedright.com has fashions that help women to bring out their best self. Every fashionable piece on our website is influenced by women who are aware of the fashion trends whether they are apart of today's "street style" or the chic styles on social media. No matter where our women go, they will be clothed right! 

Our Product 

We have fashionable pieces that make it easy for everyone to purchase because we take the time to search for pieces that are not only apart of the current trends in fashion, but are affordable so that we pass the savings on to our customers. With the assistance of our most committed customers, we bring to the public the most trendy pieces so that our women are clothed right at all times and for any occasion.